Promoting Academic Involvement

The Association for Computing Machinery started in Edmond as the Computer Science Club of the University of Central Oklahoma. As such, it is important to use that we remember our roots by providing opportunities for students to work alongside professionals so that the students know what to expect when they enter the workforce. It is also important to remember that, in the field of computer science, academia never truly ends.

Student Round Table

In an effort to connect the various student chapters of Oklahoma so that they may be more prepared for the workforce, we have launched the Student Round Table, where students representatives of collegiate ACM chapters or computer science clubs can come together to learn more about potential career opportunities or schedule state-wide academic events. For more information on how to join the Student Round Table, please email [email protected].

Scholarship Opportunities

ACM Central partners with various organizations to provide scholarship opportunities for students. Scholarships that are open to students will appear below.