Promoting Collaboration Among Professionals

The Association for Computing Machinery in Central Oklahoma strives to provide opportunities for individuals to work together to accomplish similar goals in the advancement of computer science. Here are some of the projects that the organization is working on.


The Advanced Platform for Performance, Reliable Operations, and Versatile Excecutions (APPROVE) is is an open source project that aims to provide an intuitive way for multiple computers to work together as a long-distance computing cluster so as to create a platform that is capable of always remaining operational by being extremely fault-tolerant. As such, this platform will also provide for a method of live updates. The platform is still in the design phase, and no release date has been determined.


EMR2020 is a planned implementation of APPROVE geared toward the medical community that aims to provide a reliable and open source electronic medical record.

Edmond Thanksgiving Project

Launched by the Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Central Oklahoma, this project aims to assist the organization that organizes the Edmond Thanksgiving Community Dinner by providing a website capable of coordinating volunteer activities. The current website is at and is still under construction.